Awesome Things To Do On A Long Flight


Catch Up on Reading

Many people choose to bring along books or their e-Readers on flights and catch up on their favourite authors.


Catch Up on Your Favourite Shows & Movies

A long flight is the best place to catch up on TV shows and movies without any disturbance.



Meditation is a great way to relax the mind and body and what better place than a long flight. Do deep breathing exercises to feel great.



You can start up meaningful conversations with the people nearby. Just ensure that they too are interested in conversing with you.


Listen to Podcast

Covering a range of topics, podcasting has become the fastest growing media. You can listen to a podcast during the flight.


Do Some Work

Make the best of a long flight and finish up some work. This way, you can relax after the flight is over since your work is done.


Card Games

If you carry a deck of cards, you can enjoy many card games with the people sitting next to you.


See the In-Flight Entertainment

Long duration flights have in-flight entertainment; you can watch these movies to kill some time.


Listen to Music or Audiobook

Listen to your favourite songs or hear your favourite stories on audio, these are great ways to spend time on a flight.



Yes, most people go for this option. Catch up on sleep during the flight so you feel refreshed after you land.

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