Why was Dubai frame built or What is the fact about the Dubai frame?

1. An iconic and prominent landmark of the Dubai’s urban development and modern architecture.

2. A unique design consisting of a gigantic rectangular frame with a bridge interconnecting the two vertical towers.

3. A rich tribute to Dubai’s rich history highlighting the amazing transformation of the city from a fishing village to a global metropolis.

4. A wonderful place to enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline and the iconic landmarks of Dubai.

5. You get an immersive exhibition and multimedia presentations highlighting the Emirati culture and heritage.

6. Walking on the glass bridge interconnecting the two towers makes up for a thrilling experience as the visitors walk across and look down at the city beneath.

7. An ideal backdrop for capturing stunning photographs making it popular among both locals and tourists alike.

8. A spacious observation deck at 150 meters on the top allows visitors to admire the city’s panoramic views

9. An intriguing visual spectacle as the design represents the contrast between Dubai’s modern skyline and its historical roots.

10. Holds the record for being the largest picture frame worldwide standing at an impressive height of 150 meters.

11. Incorporates various eco-friendly features such as solar panels to generate renewable energy for the attraction.

12. Interactive exhibits inside the Dubai frame highlights the ambitious future projects and innovative initiatives it plans to undertake.

Img Credit: whisperwanderlust.com

13. The golden colour of the frame symbolizes prosperity and ambitions for Dubai’s future representing the city’s identity as a global hub of progress.

14. Attracts millions of visitors each year, thereby contributing to the city’s tourism industry and offering an enchanting experience.

15. A vintage point to observe the ever-evolving skyline of Dubai capturing the essence of the city’s continuous growth and development.

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