15 Street Food Item You Must Try In Maharashta

1. Vada Pav Indian Potato Fritter Sandwich

2. Pav Bhaji Spicy Vegetable Curry And Bread.

3. Pani Puri Crispy Puri With Tangy Water

4. Bombil Fry Crispy fried Bombay duck fish

5. Ragada Pattice Potato patties with white pea curry

6. Kanda Poha Flattened rice with onions and spices

7. Misal Pav Spicy Sprouted Bean Curry with Bread

8. Bhel Puri  Puffed rice with tangy chutneys

9. Kheema Paav Spiced Minced Meat With Bread Rolls

10. Saabudana Vada Crispy Tapioca Fritters With Spices

11. Dabeli Sweet and Spicy Potato Sandwich

12. Kanda Bhaji Crispy Onion Fritters With Spices

13. Sandwiches Versatile Bread And Filling Options

14. Samosa Crispy Pastry With Spiced Filling

15. Falooda Refreshing Cold Dessert With Noodles