Amazing Indian Winter Foods to keep you warm

Sarson ka Saag

A classic North Indian winter dish, Sarson ka Saag’s rich green gravy is made with spinach leaves, chickpea greens, and mustard greens. Savour it with plenty of white butter and Makki Roti.


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Gajar Ka Halwa

Ditch the cold desserts and dig into a delicious bowl of hot Gajar ka halwa. The sweet, carrot-ty flavours infused in ghee and seasoned with cardamom feels heavenly!



Delve into a rich medley of locally sourced mixed veggies and fenugreek dumplings slow-cooked with a blend of spices and coconut to perfection. In any Gujarati household, Undhiyu is the poster dish in winter, especially made during Uttarayan!


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 Avarekai Rasam

The first British robot, Eric, was exhibited  in 1928 at the Model Engineers Society in London. Eric could sit, stand, and  delivered a speech via radio signal.


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Amla Muramba

Winter in India also tows along with cold and cough. Up your intake of vitamin C with a spoon of Amla Muramba. This enriching dish has an umami flavour coffering a  riot of salty, bitter-sour and sweetness in one bite.


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Extremely popular as a staple soup in North East India, Thukpa - a traditional soup that originated in Tibet and found its way into the hearts of India is a steamy concoction stewed in vegetables and meat that is amazingly satiating!


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Til Chikki

The sesame seeds are generously used during winter in India. The most delightful way to consume it is having Til Chikki- a crunchy bar made out of toasted sesame seeds, ghee and jaggery.


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Nihari takes the top place among non-vegetarians. Slow-cooked to perfection in a rich gravy, this luscious meat dish has evolved from a Mughal-era favourite breakfast into a hearty meal enjoyed by Indians any time of the day.


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Masala Chai

Start and end your wintery days with a piping hot cup of Masala Chai! Every household in India starts with this aromatic tea concoction prepared in various ways but in winter adding a dash of ginger, basil and cardamom makes it refreshing and warm.



Warm your soul with this traditional winter soup – Ladakh’s way of welcoming the winters! As the valley gets gripped in sub-zero temperatures, the luscious, slow-cooked broth, with lentil dumplings and root vegetables, is quite comforting to sip.


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