7 Most Famous Souks in the World

1. Khan el-Khalili, Cairo-Egypt

This souk has been around since the 14th century, so you get loads of antique merchandise in shops lined along rustic ancient architecture.

2. Souq As-Salt, Jordan

The narrow lanes stacked with stalls along Ottoman-era structures tucked away from the popular tourist routes make for enjoyable shopping while interacting with locals.

3. Jemaa el-Fna, Marrakech-Morocco

This souk goes beyond shopping for souvenirs.  By day it's shopping galore, and by night, it turns into a street food paradise. it's a wholesome experience.

4. The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul-Turkey

A time capsule of 4000 shops nestled right in the heart of Istanbul that sells everything from Turkish delights to Turkish carpets in a maze of 60 streets!

5. Gold Souk, Dubai-UAE

All that glitters is gold here in Gold Souk in Old Dubai. Get anything you wish in gold - be it a fine, delicate necklace or an armour made of gold in over 300 jewellery shops at a steal!

6. Muttrah Souk, Muscat-Oman

At this olden bazaar, you can find literally anything from handmade carpets, Omani jewellery, spices, antiques, and so much more.

Image Credit: thehoworths.com

7. Souk Al Mubarakiya, Kuwait

The old-world charms of this Kuwaiti bazaar thick with the fragrance of scented oil and the alleys offering a kaleidoscope of fabrics, dates, spices and antiques are a must-visit.

Image Credit: regency.com.kw