Fascinating Facts About UAE

With a population exceeding 10 million  and over 200 nationalities, UAE is a melting pot of cultures.

 Though UAE is a country, it is a  collection of  7 Emirates (kingdoms).

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UAE celebrated 50 years as a nation on  2nd December, 2021.

World’s tallest skyscraper, frame, and ferris wheel are all in Dubai, UAE.

UAE holds 190 world records with a few more expected in the future.

UAE citizens don’t have to pay income tax as it is haram in Islam.

Dubai Police is the only police in the world to use a fleet of luxury supercars.

UAE capital Abu Dhabi is home to the first-ever Ferrari-based theme park.

World Islands & Palm Jumeirah are      huge collections of man-made islands.

UAE is one of the safest countries in the world with a crime rate near zero.

Tourism accounts for UAE’s 10% GDP.

With a literacy rate of 93%, UAE is a highly literate country.

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