28 unbelievable paths you have to travel before you die

28 unbelievable paths you have to travel before you die


Whether it is a bridge across the ocean or a dangerous bypass, there are some paths in this world that are more fulfilling that their destinations. Some wonderful paths by man are clear examples of intuitive imaginations and creative execution. Riding on them on one hand gives goose bumps and on the other makes us feel lucky enough to have seen and travelled on them.

The best way to experience a country is through its roads. Bumpy, smooth, criss-cross or rocky; for wanderers, road travel is liberating. It is the best way to connect with a country and admire its landscapes in their true form. From the dizzying mountains to the beautiful forest path, there are roads in this world that are beyond realistic. Travellers find it hard to describe the thrill of being on the paths that make the destination look puny and make the entire journey fulfilling.

We don’t say our list is exhaustive, but it’s definitely compelling enough to make you fall in love and go on a path trip now!