Top 10 travel Bloggers who inspire you to travel

Top 10 travel Bloggers who inspire you to travel [Infographic]


Whether or not you are a traveler, these travel bloggers still manage to pave their way through your heart with their travel blogs. You may or not be able to personally visit exotic places, but these bloggers with their exceptional writing can almost take you there with the help of their vivid pictures. Let’s know a bit more about them.

travel Bloggers who inspire you to travel

All thanks to the social media that the world is able to witness the golden journey of such travelers, who live life out of the box and defy rules to follow their heart. These people give hope and inspiration to all those who have a spark to travel and help them pursue what they want to.

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  1. Hi Aparna,
    While I appreciate you for coming out with a list, can you pls enlighten us on what basis you have chosen these 10? I mean, there are 1000s or lakhs of travel bloggers across the world. Why these 10? 🙂

    • We are writing about the bloggers who inspire us to travel. We are not numbering them as 1st 2nd 3rd… These are bloggers who have high readerships, have award winning blogs, and have been roped in by many international brands. They have chosen as following the examination of the strong pool of blogs by our panel of expert reviewers at Rayna Tours and Travels. This infographic does not intend to disrespect any blogger or put their morale down.
      We hope you understand that we cannot cover all the best bloggers in one post. We will update our infographic list in every 3 months as per the changed parameters. We shall soon come up with many such posts highlighting the talents of all over world. We might also share some personal interviews with bloggers & their experiences on this blog in the near future.
      We highly appreciate you asking the query; this will help us in making our blogs better. Thank you.

      • Thanks for your reply and explanation Aparna. Appreciate it.
        I would have appreciated it more, had you put your first paragraph in the post itself clarifying to readers. 🙂
        I have few points.
        1) You say, you are not numbering them but you did exactly that! When the title is ‘Top 10 bloggers’ with numbered names it gives an impression that they are ranked from 1 to 10. Have you clarified that to your readers?
        2) When you say these bloggers have high readerships, I do not doubt it at all. I myself read several of these blogs. But it would have been better if you tell us which tool was used to measure that. See, my point is not to criticize but to tell you that there has to be some transparency & professionalism in your work.
        3) When you say you’ll update the list every 3 months as per the ‘changed’ parameters, you need to define the current parameters first. I hope you understand me.
        4) I know your intention was not to disrespect any blogger. If you are under the impression that me or other readers felt disrespected then you are wrong. 🙂 I would have asked you to remove my name if I am chosen just randomly. What I am trying to tell you is, you need to have some transparent basis.
        I am wondering what if I hadn’t asked you about this. These facts would have remained unspoken. 🙂

        BTW, I am yet to reply to Anchal’s mail which I received after I commented here. 🙂