Things you should NOT do while Travelling

Things you should NOT do while Travelling


It’s easy to write about what all things you should do and see while travelling on your voyage. But things that you should never really do regardless of the destination you are travelling are of equal importance. Not only have the amateur travelers, even the experienced ones made a lot of small mistakes that can cost them a great deal of money, precious time, effort and sometimes landed them into trouble.
Here’s a compiled list of some of the big and small travel mistakes that you should never do as a traveler,
If you want to be a traveler who travels smart with cheaper expenses and longer journeys.

Things NOT do while Travelling

1. Don’t dress indecently
No matter how liberal are you in your views, don’t forget you are visiting a foreign country. The laws and culture may be shockingly different than yours. Even if it’s not, you wouldn’t want to garner uninvited attention in a foreign country, especially if you are travelling alone.

2. Avoid Alcohol
If you are a real traveler you won’t have a habit of drinking everyday because every traveler with a common sense knows that boozing is the easiest way of inviting trouble when in the foreign soil. Even if you have to satisfy your urge of drinking, it should be done in the confinement of your hotel room after ensuring your safety. With so much beauty to keep you intoxicated, who needs alcohol?

3. Never look down upon the culture of the place
This marks the end of learning for you as a traveler. The cultural diversity is the essence of any destination and it is going to be a lot different from where you have been born and brought up. It is of no importance whether you believe in it or not, if it is a practice followed in that country, you must adhere to it and have respect. The last thing you want to do is to hurt the sentiments of the locals.

4. Don’t be a slave of social media
The social media and digital onset have bought a revolutionary change in the way we travel the world. Now your fans, followers, friends, and family can instantly checkout where have you been, what have you seen and how was your experience. But don’t be too involved in the social media apps; it’ll spoil the fun of your travel. Soak in the beauty and serenity of the place and keep social media in your pocket while you are admiring the experience.

5. Don’t exchange currency at the airport
This has been a practical experience that if you exchange money at the airport, you are most likely to get the worst of exchange rates and will be charged high fee for exchange. Instead, opt for a bank in the downtown and exchange there. Rely on free plastic cards for most of your monetary transactions and keep cash usage to the least.

6. Don’t be too vocal about controversial subjects when on a foreign soil
No matter how good the takers are, think twice before voicing your opinion on controversial subjects or topics considered as a taboo in the place. You might hit a sensitive chord and attract the wrath of the locals. For example, discussing political issues with older people in Russia is more likely to get you in the bad books of the people there as the common sentiment is still in the favor of earlier regime there. So it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself while you are travelling.

7. Don’t be too edgy with your food habits
Okay, so you love hygiene and are very particular to have your food your way. We get it, but if you want to travel longer distances and understand the place better, it’s advisable to let go of this attitude and allow yourself to try the local cuisine and street food. You can’t afford to travel if you expect a fine dining experience for every meal.

8. Manners are universal, don’t forget them
Thank you, please and even a respectful nod is the most basic mannerism you can follow. The language may differ, but the sentiment always remains the same. Being courteous, polite and humble is not specific to your own country only. Ensure you have your basic manners intact wherever you go, never stay unhealthy and/or unclean, no matter how ardent journey you go for. Basic hygiene maintenance is expected of you everywhere across the world.

9. Never display affections in public without knowing the rules of the place
It might be a common practice to hug and kiss when you meet anyone in your country, but in many countries such as the Middle East and UAE, display of affection in public can get you behind the bars. So until you want to explore the jails or attract huge fines in foreign places, refrain yourself from the display of public affection in an unknown place.

10. Don’t travel without a travel insurance
Before you start the travel, opting for travel insurance may seem like a ridiculously overpriced expense, but while you are travelling, it offers an unmatched sense of security. While you are on your voyage, anything could happen. From as minor as a twisted ankle to robbery, accident, theft or even a natural disaster; as a traveler you are exposed to all of this. Travel insurance is the best protection you can get while you are on the road.

While you can read endlessly about what to do and what not to while travelling; the real experience is on the job. Only when you travel you will realize how much of the scores of reading that you have done, do you actually remember. But if you have your basics right, you are most likely to sail smoothly. All you have to do is keep your conscious clean, and your mind open to learn, adapt while not forgetting to be thankful and humble.